RCD & Smoke Alarm Testing, Installation or Repair

The safety of your home is of key importance. Allspark Electrical is the very best service provider of RCDs and smoke alarm installation in Perth.

What is an RCD?

A residual current device, or RCD, is a safety device that instantly breaks an electrical circuit in an emergency in order to prevent ongoing electric shock. It is also known as a safety switch. RCDs have been mandatory on all Australian power circuits since 1991 and on light circuits since 2000, with a minimum of two RCDs legally required in every home. RCDs constantly monitor your power, and should a minor fault be detected from the active or neutral earth conductor, the power will be instantaneously switched off at the electrical mains.

Allspark Electrical is fully trained and licensed to install, test, and maintain all safety switches and RCDs for both residential and commercial clients. We never wire RCDs with old fuses. This is crucially important as an RCD could save your life or that of your family. Safety switches help prevent electrocution whether it is caused by a mains fault, a wiring fault, a fire, or a faulty appliance.

Choose to install and regularly check your RCD:

  • To prevent electric shock
  • To prevent electrical overload
  • To detect water in your electrical system
  • To detect faulty appliances
  • To detect faulty wiring
  • To prevent electrical fires
  • To comply with current legislation


Smoke Alarm Installation

According to WA law, every home must have a hard wired smoke alarm system. These must be mains-powered and must comply with the following:

  • Be no older than 10 years
  • Be in working order
  • Be permanently hard-wired to the mains power supply


This is the responsibility of homeowners, proprietors, and landlords. Non compliance with these regulations may incur penalties.

Multiple smoke alarms within a residence or commercial space must also be interconnected.  Smoke alarms must be regularly checked and tested, and shown to be in working order, not beyond expiry date, and not older than ten years.

Smoke alarms save lives and property. Choose the Perth electricians you can trust. Allspark Electrical has the experience and expertise to install, check and repair all smoke alarms for residential and commercial clients. We can advise you on how many alarms your property requires and locate them properly.

We service all Perth suburbs and stand by our commitment to High Quality, Friendly Service, Reliability, and Safety. Call Allspark Electrical Today.

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