Air-conditioning Services

In the summer heat of Perth, a fully functioning air conditioning system is essential. You need to identify and choose a premium company for air conditioning installation in Perth, and Allspark Electrical is your top choice.

Air conditioning installation is a complex and technical process and your installer needs to have the skills and experience to get it right from the outset.

Types of air conditioning systems include simple plug-in floor systems, split systems, and complex ducted systems. Air conditioners contain refrigerants and these can be harmful to the environment if they release fluorocarbons into the atmosphere. You need an expert installer to make the whole process not only effective, but safe.

At Allspark Electrical, we have the experience, expertise, training, and full WA licensing and accreditation to undertake all aspects of air conditioning installation and maintenance for residential clients. Specifically, we have Air Con Licensing and are highly qualified in all aspects of this area.

We offer the following air conditioning services:

Installation: communication is key and we will discuss your needs in depth with you, advising on the best system for your needs and providing you with options, whether you want a fully ducted system for your entire home or a small system for a single room. We stand by our training and credentials and when you hire us, you know that your air conditioning system will be installed with the highest attention to detail and you will be enjoying a more pleasant atmosphere in your home in no time.

Service and Maintenance: servicing and maintaining your existing air conditioning system is crucial for its optimal operation. We are positioned to provide regular preventative maintenance checks and to carry out repairs whenever necessary, so that you have a system that works properly and doesn’t cost you extra money. We will identify and evaluate any issues with your air conditioner and fix them promptly.

Our core values at Allspark Electrical are Quality, Reliability, Friendly Service, and Safety. We are locally owned and operated, and we service all suburbs in Perth. Call us today to discuss your new air conditioner, for repairs, or to schedule a maintenance check.

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Allspark produces unparalleled quality. We are so confident that we stand by our workmanship with a lifetime guarantee.

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